Melodeon Mad

“…I have to say that this is really one of the most beautiful albums I’ve come across and takes it’s place in the pantheon of masterpieces already produced by the maestro, Bobby Gardiner”

Joe Power

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The High Level

“I’ve never forgotten the mighty lift in his music. It’s the kind of lift that makes a great dancer have to dance. Bobby is the master of this rhythm, and yet he remains sensitive to the beauty of the melody, never overcrowding it with more ornaments than are needed.”

Martin Hayes

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The Clare Shout

“In these days of overdone experimentation with Irish traditional music, to the detriment of the music itself, it is good for younger players to have the steadying influence of someone like Bobby Gardiner, who has a lifetime of built-in tradition to guide him. Much of Bobby’s time is given over to the training of another generation of accordionists, who will ensure that the gorgeous drive in a reel like Sheila Coyle’s or the inspired phrasing in “The Dublin Reel” will continue to inspire dancers in a new millenium”

Tomas O Canainn

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The Master’s Choice

This album is not currently available.

Memories of Clare

With this reissue of Bobby Gardiner’s Memories of Clare, first produced for Gale label in 1962, a true classic is being brought back to life. For Irish music devotees, this was a landmark album, one of the very first solo LPs by an Irish button accordion player, issued at a time when few traditional music recordings were available. For many box players, particularly the younger generation, it was a great source of inspiration.”

Philippe Varlet

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The best of Bobby Gardiner

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Bobby Gardiner at Home

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Traditional Irish Music

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